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What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while the user is browsing that website. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user’s previous activity. While surfing the net, the user may receive on his computer also cookies coming from other websites or other Web servers (third parties) containing elements (i.e. images, maps, sounds, specific links to other pages domain) present in the website that he is visiting. Cookies that are usually present on users’ browers in a great number and sometimes also with persistence in time, they are used for different aims: execution of informative authentications, sessions monitoring, memorization of information regarding specific configurations about users that access the server , etc. Cookies don’t record neither user’s personal data nor data possibly identifiable. If the user wishes to deactivate the use of cookies it is necessary to modify settings on his computer, setting up the cancellation of all cookies or activating an alert message when cookies are to be memorized. To proceed without modifying the application of cookies it’s sufficient to continue Web surfing. Visit for further information about cookies and the way they influence your Web surfing experience.

What are the main varieties of cookies?

In connection, and according to the purposes of the present provision, it’s possible to identify different varieties of cookies:

1. First party cookies (our cookies)

First party cookies are the cookies that AT@T set to offer you a fully functional experience when shopping our site and also deal with the site's popup advertising. The only cookie set by us is the cookieredir (which disables the popup message for one month, therefore restricting the site to display our popup for more than one time per month) and emailsent (which count whether you sent us an email using the contact page or not in order to let you know just in case you are about to send us a second email, by mistake).

2. Third-party domains (other cookies)

Third-party domains is the count of organisations allowed by the webmaster to trace your across the site. These cookies may be set for various purposes, like tracking ads displayed on the website, collection of statistics, targeted advertising etc. We have no control over these cookies. Our site could store cookies from: Blogger, Clicksor, AliExpress, Youtube and many other third sites.

3. Session cookies

Session cookies are cleared when you close your browser and allow the website to identify user’s state — such as logged-in users. They are mostly considered harmless because they cannot be used for long-term user tracking. 

4. Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are the cookies that are preserved through browser shutdowns. This means, even if you close this page today and ever return there in future, the website will know you’re a returning visitor. This may be used for “remember me” features, as well as persistent user tracking. These cookies, especially if set by third party organisations, are powerful tool for monitoring your activities across all the websites you visit.

How to manage with cookies on your PC

There are different ways to manage with cookies and other trace-ability technologies. Modifying browser settings it’s possible to accept or refuse cookies and decide to receive an alert message before accepting a cookie from visited Websites. We highlight the fact that disabling completely the use of cookies you may not be able to utilize all our interactive functionalities. If you use more than one computer in different places, be sure that every browser is set in the way that most suits your preferences. You can eliminate all installed cookies in the cookies folder of your browser. Every browser presents different procedures for managing settings.
In order to check what cookies are stored on your computer and eventually delete them, you should access the browser's setting. Most of the modern browser also allow the navigation through incognito pages, which by default do not store any kind of cookie nor they allow the visitor to be tracked by the visited website.

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